Doors open 7:15 for a 7:45 start
£5 / £3 student and Young Scot card

Part of Orkney International Science Festival and celebrating #skyranMOON in Stromness.

IN CONVERSATION with Christopher Riley – Producer of the 2009 Directors Cut.

‘the first documentary worthy of the immensity of the moon launch itself’ ABC News.

‘an extraordinary documentary of historical scope and time capsule worthiness’ Cue Magazine

‘it deserves to be a companion piece to Stanley Kubrick’s masterwork “2001: A Space Odyssey” New York Post

Moonwalk One was commissioned by NASA to cover their historic Apollo 11 Moon shot in July 1969. The director, Theo Kamecke, had a vision for the film – to create something that would mark the historic, philosophical and epic nature of this greatest of endeavours upon which mankind was about to embark.

Shooting on 35 and 70mm film, Theo meticulously captured the events leading up to the mission; from the final construction of the awesome space vehicles and the last minute preparations of the crew, to the crowds gathering to witness the mighty Saturn V launch at the Cape. With an original score by Charles Morrow and a commanding narration by Laurence Luckinbill, Theo’s Apollo doc has been described as perhaps the most significant time capsule record of Apollo 11 ever made.

It received many favorable reviews and screened at the Cannes Film Festival in the summer of 1971, where it won a special award and was described as a “sleeper”. However, for the next few decades Moonwalk One was practically forgotten; even the original printing elements were lost by NASA or Technicolor. All that survived were a few 16mm copies of the cut-down version, from which some DVDs were subsequently made.

Working closely with Theo, Moonwalk One was re-mastered – combining a unique 35mm director’s cut with the newly transferred 16mm NASA flight film media, to create a new HD digital master of the movie.

We’re delighted to welcome Producer Christopher Riley, who will introduce the film and share his thoughts of working closely with Director Theo Kamecke to create Moonwalk One: The Directors Cut.

Christopher Riley is a film producer, director and writer specialising in science, engineering and history. His work has been celebrated by BAFTA, the US Television Academy, the Royal Television Society, the Sundance Institute and the Grierson Trust. He is a regular contributor to The Guardian newspaper and presents science documentaries for BBC Radio 4.

Showing in celebration of #skyranMOON

Museum of the Moon is a new touring artwork by UK artist Luke Jerram.

Measuring seven metres in diameter, the moon features 120dpi detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface. At an approximate scale of 1:500,000, each centimetre of the internally lit spherical sculpture represents 5km of the moon’s surface. The installation is a fusion of lunar imagery, moonlight and surround sound composition created by BAFTA and Ivor Novello award winning composer Dan Jones. Check out here for more details and accompanying events.


SAT 22 SEPT – ‘LADY BIRD’ (15)


Doors open 7:15 for a 7:45 start
£5 / £3 student and Young Scot card
BBFC INSIGHT very strong language, brief strong nudity

Lady Bird delivers fresh insights about the turmoil of adolescence, and reveals writer-director Greta Gerwig as a fully formed filmmaking talent. Set in Sacramento, California in 2002, amidst a rapidly shifting American economic landscape, Lady Bird is an affecting look at the relationships that shape us, the beliefs that define us, and the unmatched beauty of a place called home.



Doors open 7:15 for a 7:45 start
£5 / £3 student and Young Scot card
BBFC INSIGHT strong language, injury detail, violence, racism theme

Sweet Country makes brilliant use of the Australian outback as the setting for a hard-hitting story that satisfies as a character study as well as a sociopolitical statement.

Sam, a middle-aged Aboriginal man, works for a preacher in the outback of Australia’s Northern Territory. When Harry, a bitter war veteran, moves into a neighbouring outpost, the preacher sends Sam and his family to help Harry renovate his cattle yards. But Sam’s relationship with the cruel and ill-tempered Harry quickly deteriorates. As a result, Sam becomes a wanted criminal and is forced to flee with his wife across the deadly outback, through glorious but harsh desert country. A hunting party led by the local lawman Sergeant Fletcher is formed to track Sam down.

‘Australia now has its High Noon’. Time Out

‘A drama of imposing breadth and emotional depth’. Hollywood Reporter

‘The spare, classical chase drama that ensues is seeded with barbed observations on colonialism, cultural erasure and rough justice, kept poetically succinct by Thornton’s lithe, soaring visual storytelling’. Variety


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