Screen Writing Workshop Feedback

Our ‘Venus Peter‘ silver anniversary screenings were a great success. The matinee brought in about 60 people while the evening show saw 110 with a good crowd up in the balcony too. Director Ian Sellar attended both screenings and gave a very insightful trip down memory lane, with many of the films extras and crew in attendance. The film returned our highest feedback score yet – 4.6 (out of 5).


Back Row: Alison Miller, Ruth Spence, Victoria Rhodes, Lucy Alsop, Liz Coward

Front Row: Will Leitch, Heather Meiklejohn, Ian Sellar, Halina Romaniszyn

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We’ve collected all the feedback from the workshop and it scored 5 out of 5 from all 8 participants.

We hope we can run more workshops like this, with participants asking for future workshops in script mentoring, script marketing, camera work and editing & post production. Watch this space!

Here’s some of feedback comments, a big thanks to Ian Sellar for a 5 star workshop.

‘An enjoyable workshop. Being allowed to create our own ideas and collaborate with others really helped make the process less of a mystery and gave a more practical approach. Would love more opportunities like this. Thank you very much for making this happen’.

‘Excellent workshop with a great group of people who wanted to be there. I felt we hit the ground running’.

‘Thank you very much for organising this brilliant opportunity. I had a brilliant time. I wish it didn’t have to end’.

‘I really enjoyed it, it was fun and informative, thanks very much for the opportunity to take part’.

‘It was lovely to meet other people who shared the same interests’.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed it and Ian’s quiet authority and respect for the work produced had everyone fully and enthusiastically engaged in the task in hand. The story lines and potential films created were great’.

‘Ian was ideal for running this sort of workshop – he was funny, lighthearted, informative and very encouraging. Many thanks for a very positive creative experience (to both of you)’.

And a more in depth review from participant Alison Miller:

“I didn’t know what to expect from a screen writing workshop. Looking back on it since it finished a couple of days ago, I can see that Ian Sellar led us to places we had no idea we would go. We worked in ever-changing pairs, came up with ideas together, discussed them, handed them on, worked on the ideas of other pairs, produced scenes from the bare bones of the treatment – and then wrote more stories. Ian Sellar’s quiet confidence and respect for what everyone produced encouraged creativity and experiment from all of us, along with a realisation that all work on film is collaborative. Everyone’s contribution was valued and taken seriously – the more fanciful the better – and by the end we had imagined at least eight films into production!”

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