5 Years Birthday Screening

Saturday night was a very special night indeed – the end of the Season Of Suspense, the end of Film Fortnight, and the end of our film screenings for 2017. And it was our 5th Birthday!

Our previous suspense films had been THE THIRD MAN and THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER. The third and last suspense film was finally revealed as TELL NO ONE  which scored a thrilling 4.1 out of 5 on our ping-pongometer.

We asked you to come as your favourite film or film character, and we had some fantastic entries, with the 3 winners being called as ‘Ghostbusters’, Sproti from ‘Rams’ and ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’.

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Film Fortnight saw almost 100 screenings and events in 13 locations across Orkney. We’ll be reporting back soon on this pilot project, so watch this space.

Our 5th Birthday really was a milestone. We’ve shown over 100 films in that time to around 7,500 people. Thanks to all of you.

That’s us taking a break now until January, when we’ll be back with a bumper month of 4 weekly screenings, and they’ll all be MUSICALS. See you in January……