Cinema and Film Feedback



We’ve now assessed all your feedback forms, so thanks to everyone for spending time to do this – the information is invaluable for letting us know what’s right and what’s not right.

You rated overall experience of West Side Cinema 4.7 out of 5, which we’re obviously delighted with.

The highest requests were for Short FilmsDramaComedyDocumentary and World/Art House, which scored roughly twice as high as Romance, Musicals, Action/Adventure and ThrillersAnimation scored a little lower, Sci-Fi/Fantasy lower still, with only one person wanting Horror!

General feedback on Vision & Sound was very positive, and the cabaret style tables and seating have been a big success. Some of you did mention a problem with the larger tables, so we’ve replaced them for new smaller tables – we’re sure you’ll notice the difference. We’re also making sure that intros and talks are always miked up so that everyone can hear properly.

Here’s some of the positive comments:

‘Many thanks to all involved, this is a real treat in Stromness’.

‘You’re a great asset to the community! Thank you all for your work in making it happen, and happen so beautifully time after time’.

‘WSC has made me enjoy films more, think about them more. Thanks’.

‘WSC has been a fantastic venture and I don’t know how we lived without it’.

We’d like to thank everyone for supporting the cinema, and hope it continues for many years to come.



Here’s the results from your film rating forms. We asked you to vote on films from our first screening in NOV 2012 up until 18 JAN 2014. Scoring is on a 1 to 5 scale, with 5 being the highest.

1.   4.59/5 – ‘The Cowboy & the Spaceman’ and ‘The Imaginary Worlds of Scapa Flow’ Double Bill

2.   4.56/5 – ‘Sing Your Song’

3.   4.54/5 – ‘Village at the End of the World’

4.   4.52/5 – ‘Chasing Ice’

5.   4.5/5 – ‘No’

5.   4.5/5 – ‘Ping Pong’

7.   4.45/5 – ‘Rare Exports’

8.   4.44/5 – ‘When Pigs Have Wings’

8.   4.44/5 – The Snow Cave Man’

8.   4.44/5 –  ‘Blancanieves’

11.   4.31/5 –  ‘Lore’

12.   4.27/5 – Romance of the Far Fur Country’ 

13.   4.21/5 – ‘Blue Black Permanent’

14.   4.15/5 –  ‘ Best of Glasgow Short Film Festival’

15.   3.92/5 –  ‘Future Shorts’

16.   3.89/5 – Cinema Komunisto’

17.   3.88/5 –  ‘The Imposter’

18.   3.78/5 – ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’

19.   3.72/5 –  ‘Rust and Bone’

20.   3.44/5 –  ‘Let’s Get Lost’

21.   3.18/5 – ‘Berberian Sound Studio’

22.   3.13/5 –  ‘Sweetgrass’ 

23.   2.37/5 –  ‘Corked’

Our new film scoring system is on the night:

5 baskets, marked 1 – 5, and a ping pong ball in the basket of your choice. This is producing a very high turn out of votes per member of audience.


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