Your Cinema, Your community, Your Say

What does West Side Cinema mean to you?
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We’re wondering if you’d be able to take time to fill out a small on line survey that is part of a national survey to help form future strategies for cinema across Scotland. We realise that some questions might not quite fit our unique set up, but most answers will be really useful and it would be great to get your voices heard.
Please register your views here:
 If you need help remembering our previous films you can find them all here:
And just in case you’re not too sure of question 2 – WSC is considered a community cinema.
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The WSC team
A little background to Regional Screen Scotland and the survey:
Your Cinema, Your community, Your Say
Did you know that over half of all adults in Scotland go to the cinema? Despite this level of popularity we actually know very little about what the cinema-going experience really means to audiences, or what having access to a regular film programme can mean to a community.
Regional Screen Scotland (RSS) has therefore teamed up with Social Value Lab to find out more. We’re seeking the views of audiences up and down the country, across independent cinemas, community cinemas, arts centres, film societies, and mobile services such as Film Mobile Scotland and RSS’s own Screen Machine.
We hope that the results will help to make the case for a fair spread of cinema and screen provision across Scotland, and in different types and sizes of community.