To celebrate Norwegian Constitution Day

‘Snøhulemannen’ (‘The Snow Caveman’)

Directed by Fridtjof Kjæreng

supported by the short film

‘The North Cape’

£5 (£3 under 16) 7:30 for a 7:45 start. Bring your own refreshments.

Norwegian cake will be served – donations in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The Snow Caveman has lived in snowcaves high up in the icy Norwegian mountains for 20 years. Like Nietzsche’s Zarathustra, he has developed his own morale code and a biting sense of humour. His life is far from the bourgeois materialistic life in the new Scandinavian welfare states. He is a true ecologist, in his own way, living amongst the blizzards and reindeer high in the Norwegian mountains.

The Snow Caveman is shocked to receive the news that his mother has died. She leaves behind a clear message to him in the form of an ultimatum: In her last will and testament he inherits her apartment in the city, valued at € 100 000, but on the condition that he lives in the apartment or uses the money to purchase permanent housing and settles down like a normal person. What will The Snow Caveman do? Give up his life as a free spirit in the mountains – or forfeit the money from his inheritance? The film about the Snow Caveman centres on the quest for liberty and the human cost of complete freedom.


2010 Meetings with Mountain Film Festival – Zakopane: Award of the Mayor of the City of Zakopane, Youth Jury Award

2012 Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival: Jury’s Special Mention

Filmmaker Fridtjof Kjæreng has twenty years experience as a director and producer in the Norwegian film and TV industry and is regarded as one of the most progressive directors working in Norway today. The Snow Cave Man is arguably his most well known production which became an audience hit in Norwegian cinemas.

‘The North Cape’

Directed by Hallgrim Haug

This stunning panoramic film was shot throughout a year at the very north of continental Europe, The North Cape, Norway.
It was created using 3 cameras and the pictures were stitched together in post production. The film is screening for the next 14 years in the custom built 180 degree theatre at The North Cape.

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